Family Therapy

Family therapists see beyond the problematic patterns in the family to the potential healing power of family relationships.
— Joseph A. Micucci

Family communication is essential to healthy relationships and family connectedness. Sometimes in our busy lives and differences in perspectives our family systems can start to falter and conflict can ensure. The support of one’s family is crucial to their holistic wellness in that it supports other aspects of a whole person. A conflict in one relationship can create chaos and imbalance in others.

My approach with family work is to be an advocate for each family member. I recognize that each individual has a perspective and a need that they are all trying to be heard and met. My goal is to assure that each member feels safe and supported as they confront the uncomfortable dynamics that their family structure has created. Then as a collaborative group we will work together to rebuild your family into a lifelong cohesive system built around respect, trust and love.