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Theoretical Approach

Throughout my career I have been fortunate enough to study different techniques, theories and skills to bring clarity to my clients. I believe that my experience in different fields allows me to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to help clients achieve their goals and obtain holistic wellness.

My approach is centered around a combination of psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) theories. I like to think that both work in tandem in order to provide the greatest opportunity of growth for my clients. Furthermore, I integrate dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) skills to support clients with grounding exercises and integrating their whole body experience.

The psychodynamic theory in my practice is to help clients discover their own pasts and how it contributes to their current thoughts and beliefs about themselves and those around them. On the other hand, I utilize CBT skills in order to challenge clients’ current thoughts and behaviors in the moment and provide tangible skills to practice everyday. Respectively, I see the the two theories as long-term and short-term work.